Maternity insurance: Need to buy before pregnancy

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In addition to the benefits of female workers during pregnancy and child in accordance with compulsory social insurance, more and more children are interested in the kind of voluntary maternity insurance with high pay rates and wide coverage.

What is maternity insurance?

This is a kind of maternity health care insurance geared to sister women who are intended to have children. In Particular, buyer insurance will be paid by the insurance company to pay the cost of pregnancy and childbirth, including birth and hygiene, as well as the cost of medical examination if the unfortunate encounter of pregnancy complications. It should be noted that the sisters need to purchase maternity insurance from before pregnancy to benefit the insurance benefits.

Why buy maternity insurance?
Periodic costs of examination and tuition fees at the hospital are the first items that the future parents need to pay attention to during the financial planning process to have children. The couple does not desire the best things for your darling even if the baby has not been born. Therefore, anyone has a choice of the hospitals, large clinics, the prestige for pregnancy and child birth. However, this is also synonymous with a non-small amount of headaches as many. That is reason for the purchase of maternity insurance to be partially shared, even the whole cost for the pregnancy and childbirth stages is worth considering.

With Maternity Insurance, you will reduce the burden of cost for the childbirth.

When to buy maternity insurance?
As mentioned above, you need to buy maternity insurance from before pregnancy. The term of insurance contracts is a year and each insurance company has its own provisions on standby times until the insurance is valid, usually varies from 9 to 12 months from the time the insurance is involved.Therefore, as soon as you plan to have a baby, you should find out about the maternity insurance packages to weigh in with your child’s plan.

What insurance packages Should I choose?
Maternity insurance as well as other types of insurance, the selection of insurance packages must be based on the actual needs of the individual. In Particular, you should learn about the cost of maternity services in hospitals, clinics in where you are, thereby spending the cost of your entire pregnancy and childbirth. Of Course this is only an estimated number because no one will be able to know exactly how many times you’ll be exploring and how much it takes to see. However, based on this number, you can select the insurance package with the appropriate payment level.

Where to Buy maternity insurance?

There are now quite a lot of insurance companies that offer this type of maternity insurance or health insurance including maternity such as Protection, Generali, Liberty,… With a variety of insurance packages, insurance premiums, insurance items, payment rules,… For your choice. Besides there are consulting firms and insurance brokers such as Gras Savoye, Aon, Aegis… For advice if you have the need to buy bulk, purchase for the company.