The development of the 33-week fetus

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The 33 Week of pregnancy, baby weighs about 2, 1kg and a length of 46cm. The central nervous System and the baby’s lungs are grown. The Mother can be itchy, lumpy or placenta (PUPPP). Now you need to be slow and spend your day moving.

The development of the fetus for The 33 week (8th Month)

At The 33 pregnancy week, the baby has weighed about 2, 15kg, to close by a melancholy and close to 46cm long. The baby’s fat Layer is filled with a more rounded baby. In Addition, this layer of fat helps the baby adjust the heat body after being born. Her Skin is also smooth.

The Chinese nervous System and lungs are grown up. If mom ever worries about birth , it is now possible to be happy and breathed because most babies born between 34-37 weeks, are healthy. Children may need to be in a long-term cage, experiencing a short range of health problems, but in the long run the child may also develop as a child’s birth.

Fetus 33 weeks with a durian and will have a higher survival rate if the unexpected must greet early

How does mother’s life change to the 33 pregnancy?

By this point, the mother will be tired, although not to be miserable in the early pregnancy period. This fatigue is completely understandable with the tension that the mother body is suffering from, and the sleepless nights are by waking up regularly and flipping the people to be relaxed.

Now It’s time for me to do things gently, slowly as well as keep track of the turn signs to get ready for the childbirth. If you’re sitting or lying long, don’t turn up too fast. The Blood can be defragmented by the loss of the temporary blood pressure causing her to feel dizzy.

If there is a rash or redness of snoring on his stomach, or in the thighs and in the buttocks, it may be possible that the mother is suffering from the condition of the itchy or the pregnancy, CALLED puppp. There are few pregnancies of the PUPPP, although not dangerous but quite uncomfortable. If You do not mind, you may be asked to consult your doctor. In the event of being itchy throughout people, even without being a rash, I should ask the doctor to check, as this may signal the liver problem.

Hints for moms at gestation 33: ready for childbirth

plan for childbirth. Despite the ideal gestation period of 40 weeks, the mother may be born sooner or any complications that are required to stay in the hospital longer than anticipated. Put the key home for a loved one in case I need something while you can’t go home. On the list who will help the following mothers:

  • Ms. Elect should eat adequate nutrients to ensure the health of the fetus.
  • Shuttle children to school or classes outside the hour.
  • Chores at home like pet care, watering plants.
  • Replace your work on the job or any other obligation.