The development of the 34-week fetus

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At this point, most of the baby’s physical development is complete. She was longer than 46cm long and 2, 4kg, in the baby uterus taking more space than the water block. I should take a look every week and need to check the group B (GBS) requirements

The development of the fetus 34 weeks old

On The 34 week during the development of the baby pregnancy was longer than 46cm and weighed about 2, 4kg, size one.

The Uterus has not had many places to move and the baby also has no further acrobatics in this cozy soft nest, but the number of baby pedal times remains the same.

Baby’s Kidneys have grown in full, the baby’s liver can also produce waste. Most physical development is complete, she will spend the next few weeks to gain weight.

Conceived Photos 34 weeks: The baby has got kidney, liver and to a lot by a lake

What is your life in the 34 pregnancy week change?

The Uterus, which is situated in the pelvis, is now touched by the ribs. Uterine bulging in the insertion of other internal organs is the reason that the mother must go urination more frequently, may be faced with heartburn and digestive tract problems. Only A handful of pregnant women are not struggling with these annoyances.

the growth of the fetus is going to an important stage and the mother will begin to take a weekly examination. In the period between now and the 37, the fourth week, the doctor will Examine the B (GBS) in the vagina and the direct intestine of the mother.

GBS is often harmless to adults, but if present in the mother body and transmitted to the baby during birth, GBS can cause serious complications, such as pneumonia, meningitis or blood infections.

There are about 10-30% of the pregnancies that this bacterium does not know should this test be very important. The bacteria themselves come and go self – which is why the mother is not checked in the previous period of pregnancy. If There are GBS, the mother will be given antibiotics IV during the birth process, which significantly reduces the risk of baby infection.

This is also a good time for mom to plan birth. The plan is also the starting point to discuss his wishes with the medical team. Students are unpredictable, most likely not to plan ahead to detail, but think in front of their choices from early and shared with the doctor will help reduce the many worries.

Hints for the 34 pregnancy Week

Prepare Food for food after birth. If you cook yourself, double-click and take a half into the fridge. If you take care of your child, you will be tired of being unable to cook anything in the first weeks after bringing your baby home and will be thrilled if it is a fast warming to have a healthy meal. If You do not cook, look for help from relatives, friends, or catering services where the choices will be very useful.