The development of the 35-week fetus

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The 35 Week, the baby has weighed about 2, 7kg, baby is dying of fuzz layers and the wax coating and will usually be in a posture. Mom moves more heavily and begins to be able to sense the contraction often.

The development of the fetus 35 weeks old

At The 35 week of pregnancy, babies are growing steadily about nearly 30gr per day. The baby Now has weighed between 2, 7kg and longer than 47cm, as a coconut. She is “descending” and the layer of fur covers the body and the wax that covers the baby’s skin during nine months lies in the water bag. The Baby swallowed up these substances and other excrework substances, and resulted in a black mixture, called the Su, “finished” product of the baby’s first post after his death.

At the end of this week, babies will be considered enough days enough months.Babies born before 36 weeks are considered prematurity and the babies born after 40 weeks are considered born late).

She will be in the first posture. If not, the doctor may suggest implementing“external cephalic” to seduce the baby into the position of the head turning down by manipulating from outside of the mother’s belly.

35-week-of-the-size fetus with a coconut, foetal 35 week has been seen enough days enough if passing this week

How does mother’s life change to the 35 pregnancy?

Now, you have taken a lot of places that you can get stuck in the usual eating.Break meals and meals will help you with your mother at this time.

On the other hand, the mother can get less heartburn and breathe more easily when the baby begins to fall down the pelvic area. This process known as the bocolic usually takes place a few weeks before the mother moves if it is the first child. If you have been born, this process may not happen before moving.

If the baby has gone down, it can be seen that the pressure rises in his lower abdomen, making it more heavy, to urate more frequently. If the baby is very low, she can feel a lot of pressure in the vagina and quite uncomfortable. Some women are feeling like they are having to wear a bowling ball between their legs so!

I may also notice that the contractions happen more often. Need to tell your doctor about the signs of your carriage. As A general rule, if the mother is pregnant enough months, the pregnancy has no complications and is not yet broken, the doctor may be told to wait until the contraction lasts about one minute each, which takes place every 5 minutes within an hour.

Note Call the doctor immediately if she or she or she or she or she may find a drop in the vagina, or if the mother finds a vaginal bleeding, fever, severe headache or prolonged, constant abdominal pain or changing vision.

Even If you’re enjoying a non-complications pregnancy, it’s best to get away from the plane or travel away from home in this last month because I can move on at any time. The Fact that some airlines will not allow women within 30 days prior to the boarding date.

Hints for Pregnancy Week 35

Birth NOTICE: Make a list of all the parents who would like to announce about the event that the baby was born with their telephone number and address then give a mother who can help loan.

So, when ready for everyone to know, mom just made a call. Ask at least one mother’s colleague on the list, so that he or she can help me with the company.