The development of the 36-week fetus

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Fetus 36 weeks, babies weigh about 2, 8kg and are considered enough days enough months. The occasional false contractions occur more frequently, if there is an increase in vaginal translation, the mother’s movement will soon occur in the next few days.

The development of pregnancy 36 weeks

From The 36 pregnancy week, she has been regarded as “enough day enough”, although three weeks to date. If The mother moves now, the baby’s lungs may have enough ability to adapt to the outside life.

However, some babies need a little more time. So If I had a plan for the living, the doctor would not have been in front of 38 weeks unless there was a reason for medical intervention soon.

The Fetus 36 week-old weighed about 2, 8kg and longer than 48cm a bit. Many Babies when born the hair have thick, small hair from 1.5 to 4cm. Do not be surprised if the hair is lighter than the hair color of the parents. And of course, there are also children who only have a few hair strands.

Last Week of the 36, the baby is up with a golden melon, mama

How does mother’s life change when the fetus 36 weeks old?

The false Transfers – Braxton Hicks can come more often, lasting and more upset.

I can notice the increase in vaginal translation. If I see mucus with a small amount of blood, the move is probably only a few days away. If you find out more blood spots or bleeding, you should call your doctor immediately.

Sometimes, the spasms of the Braxton Hicks have the intensity and magnitude is difficult to distinguish from the signs of early intervention.

Make sure the symptoms and don’t try to diagnose themselves. If the baby is not enough 38 weeks and I see there are 4 attacks within an hour, or any early transfer sign, call your doctor or visit medical facilities..

She also needs to ask a doctor about the test results of his B-group bacteria so that medical personnel can prepare timely antibiotics when necessary, although there is no results when you are hospitalized.

Look, I can hardly sleep. While asleep, mom may be experiencing intense dreams. If possible, take the extra sleep in the daytime. Note After the gestation period 36 weeks, the mother continued to monitor her movement and immediately notify the doctor if she noticed the moving motion. Although It is in a more cramped environment, she should work as well before.

Hints for this week:
Learn about infant safety. I need to know how to give You a safe while sitting on a motorcycle or car. With the families with private cars, parents can decide to insert a nursery chair for the car.