The development of the 37-week fetus

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The Fetus 37 weeks old was quite rounded and knew the hands were tight.The Mother may still be mildly swollen at the foot and ankle, yet should take the room when the sudden swelling or the symptoms of the production of jerks such as headaches, change of vision, nausea…

The development of the fetus 37 weeks

Entering the 37 pregnancy week, she really has rounded up a lot. The Baby weighs about 3kg and is 50cm long, with the size of the watermelon left. She can handle a very tight hand and she will soon be able to get in the first hand fist! The Child’s organs are mature and ready for life outside the womb.

To The 37 pregnancy week, the baby is rounded like a watermelon.

How does mother’s life change to the 37 pregnancy?

With Many women, the next week in the pregnancy process seems to be a waiting game. Use this time period preparing the room for a baby or to eye to the necessary things that you may not be able to do immediately after birth.

Let’s sleep, read and spend your time with dad when I can.

In the last weeks of pregnancy, the ankle bump is the normal sign. However, if the mother suffered excessive swelling in the leg, palms, swelling of the face and eyes were puffy or sudden weight gain, tell the doctor.

At the Same time, inform the doctor immediately if the mother suffers from serious or continuous headache, change the vision, such as looking at a two or blurred eye, seeing spots or flashing, sensitivity to light or temporary vision loss , abdominal pain on intense, nausea and vomiting. These are signs of a serious condition called money shock.

Hints for the 37 pregnancy week

 Start reading about child care. If not yet started, it is now ideal for MOM to move from reading about the pregnancy through learn about newborn Care. Mom will not have much time to read when the baby is born, so please learn all that can about your first week.