The development of the 38-week fetus

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This Week, the baby continues to earn more fat under the skin to control the posterior thermal body. She still maintains the level of operation until its inception, so it is necessary to pay attention to the doctor as soon as the child decreases or you have a broken sign.

The development of the fetus week 38

Has arrived at the 38 week in the process of pregnancy development, your baby is waiting to welcome the world!

Babies continue to earn extra fat under the skin to help control body heat after birth. She was 50 cm long and weighed about 3.2 kg, with a large red pumpkin size. The boys are usually heavier than girls a bit. External epidermis are being removed and replaced by new layers of leather.

Fetus 38 weeks of size of a big red pumpkin

How does mother’s life change to the 38 pregnancy?

During every weekly visit, the doctor will check his mother’s belly to see the large degree and position of the baby.

Mom can also be seen inside the cervical view that has begun “old” with signs that are softer, thinner, and unwinding (open). Even If there is this information, the doctor still has no way to predict exactly when she wants to greet.

In the past case of the day of the student, the doctor will be about to check the fetus, usually by sonogram method, after 40 weeks of pregnancy to ensure a safe for pregnancy. In case you have no sign (see signs), the doctor will arise for about 1 to 2 weeks after the day of birth or sooner if there is a sign that the sacrifice can bring a child’s risk.

She still maintains the level of activity until his death, so in the moment, it is important to keep paying attention to your children’s movements and tell the doctor immediately if the baby decreases.

Call The doctor if you have broken signs (How to handle the mother). About 8% of the pregnancy for childbirth was pierced before the start of the transfer.Sometimes a large amount of water is broken massively, sometimes a small amount or only very little of the water. Don’t try to diagnose yourself. Go to the hospital even if the mother only suspected I was leaking. If you have broken the membranes without the contraction, the mother will be born.

Hints for the 38 pregnancy week

Buy breast-feeding shirts. If you plan to breastfeed without buying a breast-feeding bra, you should buy it now and bring them to the hospital. When breastfeeding, the chest can increase 1-2 in size than before pregnancy.Remember to buy milk absorbent pads put in a bra to saturate the milk with a medical standard to soothe the nipple when fractured. (Avoid using If a mother is allergic to wool).