The development of the 39-week fetus

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At this time, she may have weighed 3.2-3, 4kg and 50cm long. If The baby is not yet born, I will be given the newborn record and make the tests to make sure she stays healthy. Do Not be so worried that you need to take a break.

The development of the fetus 
It’s a big time for sure that she’s made it. But an infant usually weighs an average of 3, 2 kg and is about 50cm long. The baby’s skull is not less, they can overlap a little bit to be able to pass through the vagina Mother.

Newborn babies can narrow down the reason why the top of your baby’s head is a bit like a tip. Mama, this situation is normal and is only temporary.

At present time, the fetus has grown almost full of parts

How will my life change the 39 in the seventh week?
After months of expectation, the day of birth was adjacent. But I haven’t seen any special signs. It’s a gut and worry! Calm down, mom. The Day of the term is based on the last menstrual period only for reference only. If the mother ovulate more than the expected time, many babies will be born later than the day of birth.Even with the exact date the calculation is calculated, there are also pregnant women that are more prolonged without obvious reasons.

Mom is still a few weeks before being seen as “born late”. To Make sure that she is still healthy, the doctor will do a few tests to check and decide whether to terminate the pregnancy. The Mother may be given the physiology record (BPP), which includes ultrasound examination for the overall movement of the baby;Movements for breathing, movement of the pectoral muscles and diaphragm: the muscle force, the child to hold the hand or stretch and fold the limbs; As well as the amount of water that surrounds the child, reflects how good your pregnancy is supporting.

The Pregnancy Heartbeat Track (NST) will be individually implemented or along with the above tests.

If The pregnancy test results are not certain such as the water level is too low, you will be intervening to move. If The situation is serious, you may be getting pregnant immediately. Your Doctor will also check if your cervix is ready to position, soft, thin and unwinding. This result will determine how the “stimulus switch” will be performed and at any time.

If the body does not initiate the process, the mother will be intervened, usually around between week 40 and 41.

Hints for this week: 
relax as possible! Mom can rent some movies, choose to read a novel or magazine, hear a new CD, sleep or tear whenever possible. Mom is at the end of the pregnancy and deserves some static time intervals! If you operate continuously at birth, the mother will be exhausted after baby’s birth.