The development of the fetus week 40

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In the destination Week, she can weigh up to 3.6 kg and longer than 50cm. The Doctor will advise the mother of the birth or intervention if the pregnancy is not yet born. In Addition, I need to pay attention if your baby’s motion is slow or that it flows from the vagina

The development of the fetus
At The 40, the baby is 50cm long, which continues to grow and can weigh up to 3, 6 kg. She was large and unable to stay forever in the womb. Because of your baby’s safety, the doctor may refer to the mother of “birth” if the baby has not yet wanted to be born next week.

Most physicians will not exceed two weeks from the date of the mother’s birth due to placing two parenting on high risk of complications. Only a few women have a pregnancy longer than three weeks from the date of birth. Babies Who are born in 42 weeks, skin can be dry and often overweighed.

Long-term waiting Time also increases the likelihood that the uterine infection can jeopardize the child or cause death. In Addition, gestational weeks are prone to increasing lesions at birth and doubling the ability you have to slaughter.

I’m so hot to see you!

How does mother’s life change to the 40 pregnancy?
You Must not worry about the day of birth to and through that mother is still pregnant, especially when family and friends are interested in calling. Do not be frustrating because when the moment arrives, she will move in this week, if no mother will be urged next week or sooner.

The doctor’s Way of urging will be used depending on the condition of the mother’s cervix. If the cervix has not yet begun to soft, thin out, or relaxes (open) then is considered “unripe”, or is not ready for delivery. In that case, the doctor will use the hormone or mechanical method to do the “old” your cervix before interfering.

Sometimes These ways create a sudden return. Depending on the condition of the mother, the process may involve corrosion or tear of the mucous membrane or use of medicines such as oxytocin (Pitocin) to begin the spasms. If These measures are ineffective, the mother will be appointed to the slaughter.

During this time, immediately notify your doctor if your baby’s movement slows down or has shifted out from the vagina.

Hints for this week:

a warm welcome. If I had a little older, you’d plan a small party for the baby to come out, with a full birthday cake and decorating supplies. This will continue to add fun and inspiration to a new member who is about to go to the family.