The Postbirth beauty treatments cannot be missed

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After birth, the chromatography of the additive is seriously affected. You need to know the magnificent afterbirth care perks to regain the old spring.
Besides steam after birth, face mask, alcohol… She can take care of Postparbirth beauty with many other perks.

The following beauty treatments are safe and effective.
These are completely natural therapies, which are very safe and do not affect when breastfeeding mothers

Natural mask

You should apply natural masks such as turmeric starch, cucumber, potatoes… Example: You brew turmeric with 2-3 honey laying 2 times a week very safe and has a nice effect on skin.

Starch technology, cucumber, potato… Very good for after-birth mother skin

Mop people with Ginger

Extra products should be wiped with ginger to avoid the smell of ‘ girls laying ‘, while also helping to keep the body warm effectively.

In addition, you can also use ginger, wine and alcohol in general, in the proportion of 1/3 ginger and 2/3 turmeric to dab the whole body and warm the skin.

Medium ginger to help beautiful skin, reduce fat and reduce smell

Facial Skin Whitening Pink

After birth, mother must limit the use of cosmetic products for fear of impact on the baby’s health.

So the wonderful after-birth beauty treatments can only rely on natural remedies, and the latter is one of the methods of whitening pink skin.

Surface from 15-20 minutes to smoother skin

You make a betel or a mixture of purple leaves + rescues + the cleansing world then boil the water in it, add a little salt and squeeze half the lemon. Face from 15-20 minutes.

Sealed Area Care

Using hot or cooked water to wash the sealed area after birth is also a great post-birth beauty care perk. It helps to seal the mother after birth, more fragrant.

Notes on health care, post-birth beauty

When caring for the latter, she should be aware of the following issues:

  • Sisters are encouraged to sunbathe every day to help the body recover quickly. The time of the sun is suitable for 8 hours, not more than 30 minutes.
  • Sauna also contributes to the reduction of odor on the body. You can boil the juice and steam then use it to bathe. In winter the extra product tries to wash their head at least the first 10 days.
  • Natural masks like: turmeric, chicken eggs…. but remember not to massage because the skin of the face is weak, it is very prone to sagging.
  • Dental hygiene should use warm water to keep your mouth clean and avoid this after the old teeth.
  • In Everyday life, mothers should limit the use of telephones, laptops, after-birth television. Because electronic devices always exist many bacteria that affect skin and health.

These are the great post-birth beauty treatments that were cast from your oral experience ahead. First-time parents go to study and research to apply for beautiful children up every day!